The who, what, why and how of Idaraya Life CIC.

A group of women of varying skin tones standing in the sun/

Providing access to health and wellbeing activities to all Women.

Because good health shouldn't be exclsive.

We are here for a world where every woman has the opportunity to live a healthy happy life no matter what they look like, can afford or are able to do.

Our inclusive programmes lead to well rounded lives, personal fulfilment and active participation in local community life and enjoying the outdoors.

Our History

A little snapshot of what we have been up in our first 18 months of Idaraya Life CIC.





The most important “who” is you: Black women within Greater Manchester. Because of gender, race and socioeconomic reasons – a triple whammy – society often puts you at a disadvantage. And you might not have the chance to be as kind to yourself as you should be because money, childcare and other issues get in the way.

The other “who” is me: Idaraya Life’s founder, Ayisatu Emore. After speaking to friends during lockdown, and to other mums when I became a mother, I realised the need we all have for greater fitness and mental health support.

We make it easy for you to boost your health and happiness by taking part in free activities with other women. This isn’t about achieving Olympic-standard fitness. It’s about improving your wellbeing and having fun while you do it.

For various reasons, Black women are the least likely group in society to take part in regular physical activity. By removing some of the barriers that exist to that, we hope we can get more of you involved.

Check out the range of activities that’ll get you moving, eating, crafting and socialising. Have a go!

Our Progress 




Session Delivered


Ongoing Projects

Our Team

Ayisatu Emore

Founding Executive Director (Health and Wellbeing Lead)

Mary Addo

Executive Director ( Lived Experience Expert)

Nicole Belle

Non-Executive Director (Strategy and Programme Development)

Alice Coren

Executive Director (Safeguarding and Community Care)

Tosin Ucho

Volunteer (Project Associate)