Help us build our Community Textile Crafts School

We're raising money to make a difference and further our cause of supporting women through textile handcrafts.

To support as many women as we can and repond to new challenges, we've set up this campaign with a goal of £5,000. This will make a massive difference to securing the future of our community work.

Our intention is to meet this goal and have it match funded to develop our workshop and courses as well as give more employment opportunities for local creatives.

At Idaraya Life CIC, we believe in the power of community support to transform the lives of local women. With your generous support, we can raise funds to provide essential and effective health and wellbeing services to those with limited financial means, living in isolation or mental ill health.

Our small skilled team of community workers (Namely; Alice and Ayisatu) offer a range of workshops, including sewing,upcycling, screenprinting, block printing, Tie Dye, Rug-making, and more. These mindful crafty school sessions not only promote creativity but also serve as a platform for community care and support.

By donating, you are helping us enhance mental health and wellbeing by limiting isolation and providing opportunities for women to grow and develop their skills.

Your contribution enables us to connect and share, building a strong community of like-minded individuals who uplift and support one another. Join us in making a difference today through your heartfelt donations – together, we can transform lives and create a brighter Wigan for all. Donate now and be a part of the Idaraya Life CIC movement.

Every donation makes a difference.

What Local Women say about our work

I haven't touched a sewing manchine since I was in school, this has given me so much confidence.

- A

I feel much lighther after been to one of these sessions.

- R

It is so important to have these spaces, I always feel better after I've been in.

- L